About Us

In human life, the selection of a spouse is a precious moment .To lead a successful and happy married life a careful selection of a spouse is quite important. We need TRUE LOVE and GREAT/ NURSING CARE at the advanced age. In order to find a suitable SPOUSE ,

a fully qualified and widely experienced Dr. D. Arjunan. has established kamadhenu Matrimony at Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli District, TamilNadu. Lots of people are looking for a dutiful, loyal and loving spouse online and registering with kamadhenu Matrimony .

Location: It is located near VOC ground, Palayamkottai, known as Oxford of South India. The grand spacious air-conditioned Hall is in the Agraharam street to the east of Ramaswamy kovil.

Dr D. Arjunan retired after 28 years of professional service as a Siddha Doctor at the kannyakumari Govt General Hospital. He conducted....... awareness campaigns vigorously.

He received an award from the health minister for his tireless campaigns. John Ambulance First Aid was started in 1996 by its founder..
The founder has received several awards from the Governor of Tamilnadu for its outstanding performance.

Chief Administrator: Lion. D. Sankara Subramanian

He has been serving Nellai people for the past 17 years or so as a member, secretary, and president of Palayamkottai Arima Sangam.
Both brothers with multiple personalities have started this noble mission to find a life partner for Tamil families around the world. 

Get a prospective and suitable life partner and live happily and peacefully.